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Benefits: Affordability, continuous presence and global reach to a readership interested in Boundary County, Idaho.

  • All ads include either a link to your existing website and/or to a web page within our site, which can be updated weekly. If the ad includes a page under our site, the URL (address) will be, which can be incorporated into your existing ad strategy
  • All web pages within our site can include text, art, video, and/or sound as provided by the advertiser in suitable format at no extra cost, but it must be noted that News Bonners Ferry is a news source. We do not have an art department, and while we can assist with design and development of advertising, our efforts will be rudimentary compared to the professional art available by a graphics artist.


  Week Month Year
580x200 Main Index Banner $25 $90 $900
300x150 Main Index Banner $15 $50 $500
675x150 Sub Index Banner $25 $90 $900
900x150 Footer Banner, Main Index $15 $50 $500
900x150 Footer Banner, Sub Index NA $30 $300
200x200 Button, Main Index $10 $35 $400
200x200 Button, Sub Index NA $20 $220
200x400 Tower, Main Index $20 $70 $800
200 x 400 Tower, Sub Index NA $40 $450

News Content Inserts – Added to news content pages and stay on-line for the life of the website.

Embedded button (200x200):  $10 first placement … $5 each additional

Guaranteed Discounts:

  • 25% off: Community civic organizations, local government agencies and non-profit organizations providing public service announcements for guaranteed publication or promoting an upcoming community event.
  • 50% off: Candidates for election to unpaid local elective offices.

No set up fees, no hidden costs.

Just honest, affordable advertising!

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