Tuesday-January 15, 2013

Board Training Workshop – 5:15 p.m. – Valley View Elementary

Board of Trustee Regular Meeting – 6:00 p.m. – Valley View Elementary


5:15 p.m. Board Training Workshop – Valley View Elementary

6:00 p.m. Regular Meeting – Valley View Elementary

I. Opening by Chairman - Meeting Announcements

II. Visitors

III. Superintendent Report/Business Report

IV. Administration/Staff/School Committees/BCEA Reports & Input

  1. Principal Reports

  2. MMRE Participants

  3. ISEE Phase II Leaders

  4. Safer Schools – Administrators

  5. Elementary Schools Extended Reading Intervention (ERI) Program 2012-2013 – Jim Nash

V. Consent Agenda (Please call ahead regarding questions, changes or corrections)

A. Approval of Minutes: December 6, 2012 Regular Meeting

B. Approval of December, 2012 Accounts Payable

C. Approval of In-Lieu-of-Transportation

D. Personnel

1. Approval of Personnel List

E. Approval of Closure of Schools Due to Inclement Weather – December 17, 2012 & December 20, 2012

VI. Action Agenda

A. Acceptance of 2012 Fall Extracurricular Evaluations

B. Approval of I.C.F. Regional Competitive Grant – Jim Nash

C. Policies

1. First Reading – Sec III – Revenue Clerk Job Description

2. Second Reading & Approval – Personnel

a. 5325 Employee Use of Social Media Sites 5325P Recommended Practices - Use of Social Media Sites

D. Approval to Contract with Health Training Network

E. Set Date for Interviewing Zone 2 Trustee Candidates

F. Set Date for Replacement Supplemental Maintenance & Operations (M&O) Community Forum

VII. Trustee Input/Future Agenda Items

  1. Day on the Hill” – February 11-12, 2013 - Boise

VIII. Adjournment

The public is encouraged to attend trustee meetings and provide input. In order that everyone is provided with a chance to speak and that meetings do not become unduly time consuming, participation may be limited to three minutes per person per agenda topic. ITEMS ARE LIMITED TO 20 MINUTES UNLESS OTHERWISE INDICATED ON THE AGENDA. The Board will attempt to hear both sides of a controversial topic prior to making a decision. With the exception of executive session, the scheduled adjournment time for trustee meetings will be 9:30 p.m. Trustee meetings, including executive session, will be adjourned by 10:30 p.m. Procedural rules may be suspended by a two-thirds majority vote of the trustees present. If any auxiliary aids or services are needed for individuals with disabilities, please contact the district office at 267-3146 no later than three working days before the meeting.