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An open letter to Steve Tanner

August 17, 2013

By Mike Weland


I am not sure what I’ve done to earn either friends or enemies during the years I’ve been privileged to be here. I’m grateful only to have been allowed to ply my trade. I’m hopeful that what I’ve done helped more than hindered.


I’ve not always done right. I’ve erred grievously. I think I acknowledged my sins and paid the price. I asked no favor. When I was reporting, I covered my sins as I did those of others.


I had a friend whom I respect come to dislike me. I know not why. I saw him while I was setting up for taking pictures on Easter; we avoided one another but our paths crossed.


“I heard you had some trouble,” he said. “A bit. It’s good to see you.”


We shook hands.


I don’t know if Steve Tanner remembers;. I don’t know if he remembers all the times he raised my name in talking about all he sees wrong in this county, even though I was only a scribe.


I got angry once, and said things I regret. I was subject to a thorough investigation. I was excorticated in an online rant that follows me to this day.


Some might still believe I’m as bad as they think I am. I promise, I try to be honest.


I’m not perfect, But I offer any who disagree the chance to talk, and say.


I read commissioners minutes regarding a recent P&Z issue during which Steve Tanner was given the floor.


I believe he has a lot to say, but he weakens his case by telling platitudes. Mr. Tanner seems good at using many words and much time to say the same ineffective words; maybe I’ve heard them too long.


I respected him then, I do now. What made me wonder if he is speaking from the heart or from his ass, though, is that he said at the last meeting in which he said the same stale things regarding local government, and added that Mike Weland has served too long.


I only served as long as I could, Sir. I am ashamed I wasn’t able to serve longer. I had to stop serving more than a year ago.


I don’t know why I earned your enmity. I can only tell you why it doesn’t seem to matter.

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