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Candidates share their views at
Republican Candidate Forum
(We've got a quote from each candidate included below)
April 12, 2018
Wednesday night was the night to meet area candidates who are running to win in the upcoming Primary election and move on to November's general election showdown.

In a Candidate Forum sponsored by the Boundary County Republican Central Committee, the following Republican candidates were in attendance:

For Idaho State Senate District 1, currently held by Shawn Keough, who is retiring:
  • Danielle Ahrens
  • Scott Herndon
  • Jim Woodward

For Idaho State House of Representatives, District 1A, currently held by Heather Scott:
  • Michael Boeck
  • Heather Scott

For Idaho State House of Representatives District 1B, currently held by Sage Dixon:
  • Sage Dixon

For Boundary County Commmissioner, District 1, currently held by Lee Pinkerton, who is not running for re-election:
  • Wally Cossairt
  • Terry Spence

For Boundary County Clerk, currently held by Glenda Poston:
  • Beate Clark
  • Glenda Poston

The candidates were seated on the stage at the high school auditorium, and gave their answers and opinions to questions posed by former Bonners Ferry Mayor Darrel Kerby. The questions had been submitted in writing by audience members. Approximately 80 people were present to watch the event.

You can click on this photograph to view a larger version.  (Story continues below this photograph)

The evening began with each candidate being given time to introduce themselves and to share some of their background, then followed the formal questioning. Questions the candidates addressed dealt with, among other things, their position on abortion, schools in Idaho, their position on gun control and the Second Amendment, life experiences the candidates have had that helped them to prepare to serve in public office, and a question addressing how much experience and knowledge each had of the major industries in Boundary and Bonner Counties.

This was no debate-style of Forum. With each question, they went right down the line of candidates, each one being given time to provide a response. The closest thing to what might have been called fireworks, was during the final closing statements each candidate was allowed to present. Danielle Ahrens, running for State Senate, used part of her closing statement time to call out one of her opponents for comments she said he made about his being a political moderate. She added that if his trend continued, he would soon cross the line to becoming a Democrat.

Following are quotations from each of the candidates present at the Forum (excepting Representative Sage Dixon, who is running unopposed in the Primary. He yielded his time to those who are in a race for their offices). These quotes are not meant to make a statement about any candidate, and bear in mind that these are all a short part of the candidate's longer answer to a question. These are simply quotes we readily had at our fingertips and available to share:

Heather Scott: "The federal government has no business in education. It is not one of their delegated authorities. They give us 8% of our education budget for our state, and for that 8% they are pretty much controlling what goes on in our schools."

Wally Cossairt: "When I put my mind to doing something, I do it, and I do it right."

Glenda Poston: Responding to a question about integrity: "I would like to say my Mom taught me to be honest. . . I pay taxes, and I want to be a good steward of your taxes."

Mike Boeck: "I spent twenty years raising my right hand, saying I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States. I've actually done that, I don't just talk about it. I support the Second Amendment, but I'm not a single issue candidate."

Danielle Ahrens: On growing up in a military family (her father was a colonel): "It was drilled into us: Service above self. Honesty and integrity. You serve others, that's what you're here for."

Scott Herndon: Commenting on schools in Idaho: "They're actually doing really well, I have all the statistics in my folder. The schools are not underperforming, the students are actually exceeding the national average. Two-thirds of our general fund goes toward our public education. What we need, though, is we need more competition. As far as if you ask parents if they are satisfied with their educational experience in public schools, less than 50% of them are."

Beate Clark: "Most people that do know me know that I put a lot of high value in integrity and honesty."

Terry Spence: "A granddaughter told me one day that guns were bad, that they kill people. I said 'No, the person that pulls the trigger is bad. They're bad hearted, they're bad minded. They shouldn't have a gun. We've got to figure out how to stop that.'"

Jim Woodward: "I'm a product of the public school system. . . [My wife and I both have college degrees] from out of the public school system. . . We got our education here in Bonners Ferry.  It was a building block for moving on. It was based on teachers—I can tell you all their names. It's the value we place on the educational system."

The Primary election comes up next month, on May 15.
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