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Gerald B. Higgs:  What does the BREXIT vote in the United Kingdom have to do with us?
Gerald B. Higgs:  Election Reflection
Rosanne Smith:  Says Moyie City Council meeting an eye opener
Gary Leonard:  Says Sheriff election comes down to two candidates
Rosanne Smith:  Not filing quarterly report violates state law, again
Sandy Daniel:  Just the facts . . .
Phyllis Dirks:  Fire at St. Ann's
Boundary County Historical Museum:  Writes to report on updates and programs
Marcus Girod:  Sheriff's Race:  "will take problems and make them his own"
Brian Zimmerman:  Sheriff's Race:  "the whole package"
Rosanne Smith:  Concerned that quarterly reports not posted
Rosanne Smith:  Thanks for help on document request
Liz Sloot:  Too many election sessions
Larry Bauer:  Disagrees with Oscars boycotts
Kirk & Devonna Dixon:  Legislators must be doing a good job
Gerald Higgs:  Legislators Scott and Dixon's Malheur visit discredits Idaho, poses serious questions
Kirk and Devonna Dixon:  Is anyone really willing to take a chance?
Corrections to previous Letter to the Editor--Event organized: Choose Compassion
Kirk and Devonna Dixon:  We are supposed to accept this?
Vicki Blake Thompson:  Event organized:  Choose Compassion
Rosanne Smith:  A Christmas miracle in Boundary County
Liz Sloot:  Refugees cost taxpayers
Kirk Dixon:  Refugee resolution is not grandstanding
Jennifer Durbin:  Grandstanding on refugee issue wastes taxpayer dollars
Elsie Hollenbeck:  A sad day for our community
Chuck Newhouse:  Have Boundary County citizens forgotten?
Larry Bauer:  Questions for parents whose children are in weekend supplemental food program
Jennifer McLeish:  Her question: Should ITD have authority to destroy private property?
Kirk Dixon:  Concerned about proposed new union among city electrical workers
Lee Haarstick:  Creating a socialist state
Rosanne SmithSays government entities should be reporting financial information
Kirk Dixon:  Concerns regarding Muslim immigration
Jerry Higgs:  Nomination for Idaho Medal of Achievement
Gerald Higgs:  Opposes proposed closure of Bonners Ferry National Guard Armory
Steve Nelson:  Thanks for support at Friends of Mirror Lake and the Flannel Shirt Open
S.R. Walker:  Not enough state road funds reaching local area
Vicki Downing:  A hero at the fire
Jerry Higgs:  Reminder that filing period for city elections is coming up
Linda MacDonald:  Theft at Paradise Valley Church:  how can we help?
Liz Sloot:  Not everyone agrees Kootenai Valley Resource Initiative is helpful
David Anderson:  Mayor's view on city pool fees
Brian L. Horejsi:  Supports prohibition of mountain biking in Long Canyon area:  "the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the scale of the landscape that should be closed to motorized and mechanized abuse."
Bethany Cavender:  Swimming pool fees, thoughts and suggestions
Val Thompson:  And another response about swimming pool fees
Jessica Tingley: Responds to concerns on swimming pool fees
Larry Bauer:  Increase in swimming pool fees is too much
Marty Huddleston:  Sequels store closing
Rosanne Smith:  Thanks to police for parade safety
Jan Spurgin:  All are subject to the laws
Arleen MacKinnon:  Will miss Huckleberry Variety
Linda Alt: Recommendation for School Board voting
Dave Kramer: Remembering and honoring our law enforcement officers
Barbara Russell: Laments closing of Huckleberry Variety
Gerald Higgs: North Idaho celebrates Earth Day with earthquakes
Raúl Labrador:  Concerned re management of national forests
Bethany Cavender:  Replies to question on spending priorities
Larry Bauer:  Questions priorities
Gerald Higgs:  Opposed to Labrador's bill on employment in family logging companies
Idaho Fish and Game Commission:  There appears to be a misperception among some Idaho lawmakers . . .
Dan Dinning:  Commenting on Forest Funds article
Gary Pflueger:  Top 10 reasons to vote Yes for the levy
Greg Johnson:  We pay less tax for schools now than 10 years ago
Niki Weaver:  The school levy, taxes, and funding education
Boundary County School District Parent Advisory Council:  We may not always agree with School District spending
Alyssa Pinkerton:  Appreciates her day spent at Boundary County Middle School
Larry Bauer: Says Senator Keough's concern for bridges is something new
Gary Pflueger:  Recommends upcoming levy.
Virgil Moore, Director, Idaho Fish and Game:  Idaho Fish and Game tells advocacy groups to stop crying "Wolf":  "It's important for state agencies to understand and respect differing points of view. But when a few advocacy groups try to grab headlines . . . "
Jacob Bushnell:  There's also another webcam in Boundary County . . .
Orrin Everhart:  Opinion on Treasurer story
Yosef Ben David:  Clarification on Idaho Inauguration events
Don Jordan:  Museum story
Boundary County Victim Services Board:  Thanks to community
Linda Fontanes:  Questions Bry's non-participation in forum
Darrell Kerby: Keough seniority emphasized: "As the number 2 ranking member of the Idaho Senate, she works for our interests."
Boundary County Explorers Post 190: Thanks for community support!
Lorraine Simkins:  Makes voting recommendations:  "Well, it's close to election time!! I would like you to consider . . . "
Andrew Scott:  Scott's husband clarifies her philosophy and credentials:  As an aquatic biologist, Heather spent much of the first 10 years she lived in North Idaho working on various . . .
Sharon Oldfield:     Candidates:  Consider Facebook information as public information
Jim Paulus:  Dreaming that ITD thinks about the rest of us
Angela Tuttle: Scott a creative thinker: "she doesn't make empty promises . . . "
Alan and Debbie Flory:  Tucker brings experience:  "will bring fresh new energy as our County Commissioner."
Greg Johnson:  Tucker will move county forward:  "Tim Tucker represented North Idaho well during his 13 years in the state legislature . . . "
Rebecca J. Huseby:  Supports Scott for District 1A Idaho House of Representatives:  "A refreshing perspective on politics! There is an old-fashioned air of Americanism about this vibrant little woman . . . "
Don Jordan:  Supports Tucker for county commissioner:  "Tim will be a County Commissioner who will represent ALL of us, with experience and dedication! He served us for 13 years in the Idaho State legislature . . ."
Fish and Game Director Virgil Moore:  Idaho, Montana, Wyoming wildlife directors comment on wolverines:   "For the record, our states opposed the Service’s original recommendation to list wolverines . . ."
Donna Capurso:  Upcoming legislative committee meeting on transfer of federal lands to Idaho:  "Please take the time to attend this meeting; I have attached the flier"
Idaho State Senator Sheryl L. Nuxoll:  Upcoming area meeting of Federal Lands Interim Committee:  "The Federal Lands Interim Committee is a state legislative committee set up to study the legal transfer of federal lands (specifically national forests) back to the state of Idaho."
Don Jordan:  Photo of Hall Mountain area drilling:  Attached is a photo of the core drilling rig on Harvey Mountain, drilling test holes for the MMG mine.  
Lee Haarstick:  Questions their real motivation:  . . . . politically-motivated agitators use fear, anger, excitement, guilt, anxiety, and personal conflict to keep tempers on edge supporting chaos.
R. Joseph Ward: Remarkable photo taken near Refuge: . . . taken this morning from our window overlooking the Kootenai.
Tom Griffin:  Questions police action in Sandpoint:  One woman? A knife? Several Policemen . . .  
Jack Flinn:  Revenue from speeding tickets:   I was told by our county's finest . . .
Speeding on rural Roosevelt Road:  Time for the annual rant concerning speeders. As usual, Roosevelt Road continues to see people 20-25 MPH over the posted 35 MPH speed limit.
Coach DePriest:  Summer Football Conditioning:  Although I know that it is hard to believe, but the first day of football practice is on Monday August 11; that is only nine weeks from now.
That explains everything--it's the sturgeon!  So, what's wrong with this picture? Last Friday as I awoke and went outside to greet the morning, check on the horses and tend to the calves, I was shocked to see . . . .
Kristi Hinthorn-Wilson:  There are two outstanding women running for local positions in this election.
Sue Larson:  Hello again, Boundary County citizens. I recently wrote to share my background and qualifications for the position of Boundary County Treasurer in the upcoming May 20 primary election. I feel confident that you have seen my qualifications. Now I write to share more about my goals and desires for the office.
Brian Hengel:  Humans are born with an innately curious temperament and a propensity for inventiveness that separates us from the animals of Earth. If Bonners had had anything like the proposed new library with a Fab Lab and other educational and hands-on tech center, I doubt I'd have ever left.
Barry McHugh:  I am writing to encourage Boundary County voters to re-elect Idaho Supreme Court Justice Joel Horton.
Sid BrumbachThe library cart before the horse.
Governor C.L. "Butch" Otter On April 25th I traveled to Bonners Ferry for the Boundary County "Capital for a Day." My first Capital for a Day was held in Bonners Ferry in 2007.
Judith MaceAs a long-time resident of Boundary County, I am keenly aware of the negative impacts of our struggling local economy. As a concerned taxpayer, I see how the shortage of living-wage jobs and business opportunities sends our young people away and increases the tax burden on local taxpayers. As a library trustee, I want to make Boundary County the lovely place to live I know it can and should be by helping develop educational resources to foster the economic development we critically need—at an affordable cost to local taxpayers.
Leon HaarstickTwo short thoughts to ponder prior to going to the polls to vote in May……when an individual grasps the intent, it speaks volumes about our current government and our culture.
Heidi BoraskiFor those that missed "that rainbow" May 5 at 7 p.m., I caught a great photo of it. It was THE most amazing double rainbow I have ever seen.
Rotary ClubThe Bonners Ferry Rotary Club sends a big "thank you" to everyone who helped make our 12th Annual Free CommUNITY Breakfast & Silent Auction a roaring success!
Congressman Raul Labrador: Last week, President Obama and Attorney General Holder once again showed their disregard for our nation’s laws and their refusal to follow the system of checks and balances enshrined in our Constitution.
Congressman Raul Labrador: Nearly every day, the Obama administration announces a new policy or regulation that undermines our Constitutional rights and stifles our economy. The EPA, in particular, has put out some egregious regulations that have a direct and negative impact on the people of Idaho.
Dean Satchwell: Thank you for your article, "Satchwell honored for service to the city," but I would like to clarify the treatment I am undergoing for Multiple Myeloma and share information that may be of help to others in the community.
Rosanne Smith: Wow! The proposed Fab Lab/library/college/extension office will be the Taj Majal of Boundary County!
Congressman Raul Labrador: Last week, President Obama announced that 7.1 million Americans had enrolled in the Obamacare exchanges by the March 31st deadline.  This was portrayed as a major victory for the President but, not for the first time, he is missing the point about his signature health care law. 
Senator Shawn Keough: This is the last update from the legislative session which has now come to a close. Thank you for reading and for staying in touch! This newsletter will continue periodically as the work shifts from the legislative session to constituent focused work and as we begin the campaign season.
Congressman Raul Labrador: This week, the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments in a landmark case that will help decide the future of religious freedom in America. The justices are weighing the constitutionality of one of the most controversial aspects of Obamacare - the requirement that employers must provide birth control and abortifacients to their employees, even if doing so violates their deeply-held religious beliefs.
Ken Ewing: In May we can vote on an $8 million bond for a three story building plus an additional levy of $100,000 for operating expenses. A library is a fine complement to a community. The current facility is great and provides access to the Internet for those who don’t have computers at home. The book resources are excellent.
Ingrid Elena Pavia: The number of children who are born with various challenges for one reason or another is growing. Others will be involved in accidents and/or succumb to illnesses which place them ~ temporarily, long-term, or permanently ~ in a position that should make us all take a serious look at the true accessibility and inclusive play we should incorporate into our new playground design/equipment at the Boundary County Fairgrounds.
Senator Shawn Keough: This week – the week of St. Patrick’s Day - the pace of the Legislature is hectic as we work to meet our target completion date of Friday, March 21.
Don Jordan: We can all agree on some core characteristics that are important in our county. Some are rural character, wildlife and clean water.
Senator Shawn Keough: On Friday, March 7, the State Senate honored four Idaho servicemen who fought and lost their lives in Afghanistan during 2013. Families of the honorees attended the special ceremony.
Tim Patton: As you may know, the upcoming county comprehensive plan proposed revision for chapter 13 and 14 will be at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 18, in the county extension building. This proposed revision by the planning and zoning commission is a total disaster for our county.
Jeff and Tia Avery: Allen Avery is our son. We would like to apologize to the people involved and the community for his reckless behavior and lack of regard for human life
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