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U.S. Senator Mike Crapo: I recently wrote about the need to heed the Social Security Trustee’s warnings and shore up Social Security. Like the requirements for the Social Security Trustees to annually assess the state of the trust funds that support the Social Security program, the Medicare Trustees are also required by law to report to Congress on the state of the Medicare trust funds.
Idaho Representative Heather Scott: Monday kicked off with Governor Otter delivering the annual State of the State address. Idaho’s future is looking bright as it is going into its seventh straight year of economic growth.
U.S. Congressman Raul Labrador: This week I moved to relieve Idaho’s overloaded federal courts by introducing a bill authorizing a third U.S. District judge in the District of Idaho. Since 2015, Idaho has had just one full-time district court judge and the Judicial Conference of the United States has declared a judicial emergency in our state.
U.S. Senator Mike Crapo: In its most recent report out in June, the Trustees of the Social Security trust fund provided another warning that Congress must act now to address the shortfalls of the Social Security trust fund.
U.S. Congressman Raul Labrador: The new Republican-controlled Congress convened last week. We’re eager to work with President-elect Donald Trump, who takes office Jan. 20. My agenda has much in common with our new President’s plans and I look forward to a very productive partnership.
Rosanne Smith: ... Moyie Springs already has a youth center. It is called "outdoors." It involves riding bikes, walking with parents, playing in the yard with their pets and neighbors, walking to the store, sledding and many more activities.
Robin Merrifield: Thank you, Mr. Bauer, for your letter to NewsBF.com regarding the Go-On rate of Bonners Ferry High School students. First of all, we'd like to ensure the data is correctly reported. Bonners Ferry High School's "Go-On" rate for 2015 was 45%, up from 41% in 2014.
U.S. Senator Mike Crapo: The quiet service and giving spirit of Idahoans are among the many blessings I am counting this holiday season. A recently released study from the Corporation for Community and National Service further confirmed the prevalent service in Idaho communities concluding that Idaho ranks fifth in the nation for volunteer service.
U.S. Congressman Raul Labrador: As 2016 draws to a close, I want to thank you for the privilege of serving the First Congressional District of Idaho. Constituents inspire me every day with their commitment to hard work, family and community.
Larry Bauer: In the "things we can do better" part of School Superintendent Pflueger's most recent Superintendent Scoop report, he did not mention the need for the district to improve the "Go On" rate. Only 40-percent of graduating students at Bonners Ferry High School will go to a tech school, community college or four year school. The military is not included in this figure.
U.S. Senator Mike Crapo: A Haskett point from the Snake River is one of the historical items from Idaho on display in the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C. The museum dates the point’s creation to a remarkable 10,000-6,000 BC. The Native American tribes of Idaho — the Coeur d’Alene, Kootenai, Nez Perce, Shoshone-Bannock and Shoshone-Paiute — are undoubtedly a deep and central part of Idaho’s history and development.
U.S. Congressman Raul Labrador: Some Americans are so disappointed by the result of the election that they call for abolition of a 229-year-old institution that has kept our nation strong and united, the Electoral College.
Rosanne Smith: Moyie Springs News ... Seems the city council has filled the position of mayor with Chad Farrens and appointed Heather Andrews to fill the seat vacated by Farrens. Also, in other news you won't see with your monthly water bill ...
Henry Yoder: I want to thank all the volunteers who participated in the second annual community thanksgiving meal last night and especially Tammy Schneider and Lisa Carle for your hard work and good job in running the operation.
Joe Bialek: The framers of the U.S. Constitution created the Electoral College as a result of a compromise for the presidential election process.
U.S. Senator Mike Crapo: Idaho fifth grader Isabella Gerard submitted this poem, titled “Pristine Idaho Mountains,” which was selected at random from more than 200 entries from students across Idaho. As the contest winner, Isabella will be flown to Washington, D.C. to join House Speaker Paul Ryan and me to push the button to light the national tree.
Elden Koon and Craig Johnson: On behalf of the Boundary Community Hospital, the Board of Trustees and staff, we would like to thank the community for passing the Supplemental Levy for the hospital.
Jim Paulus: I wish to express my whole hearted support for the hospital levy. Why is the hospital asking us tax payers for this? Because the hospital wants our citizens in our community to be able to get the very best medical care possible, without taking our needs out of our community.
Tony McDermott: Heather Scott should not be reelected. While I would agree that she has a small group of hard core, extreme republican supporters in the Panhandle most of the voters have not closely followed her performance as our representative.
Charlene Godec: Take a look at Heather Scott’s website as well as the Idaho Redoubt News. You will be able to see what Scott really stands for in North Idaho.
Larry D. Nelson: I am writing in support of the Boundary County Community Hospital levy on November 8. I do this for two basic reasons that I hope will also be the motivation of the members of our county.
Karl Dye: I’m writing to share my support for Kate McAlister in her campaign for State Representative 1-A and excited to ask you to vote for her. But I’m also writing to share my fears about the future of our end of the state.
Idaho Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter: Continuous bickering and name calling at the top of the ticket in this election year are understandably creating a lot of anxiety among voters. So there’s no need for anyone to add to that angst by frightening folks about the Idaho Legislature having too little authority to protect them from government bureaucrats run amok.
Charlene Godec: Elections are about choices and choices are about values. The race between Heather Scott and Kate McAlister provides a very clear choice for the voters of District 1.
Kirk Dixon: I want to thank Rebecca Husbey for her letter. Voter fraud is wide spread this election year. I was saddened when I heard that Boundary County got the machines.
Rebecca Huseby: Folks, I have just received word from a state representative that the people have the right to refuse to use the voting machines.
Brian Zimmerman: Dave Kramer is the right choice for Sheriff. I have heard and read the rumors and falsehoods circulating about Dave and his lack of qualifications.
U.S. Senator Mike Crapo: The men and women who serve in the Guard and Reserve and their families give immensely of their time and talents to serving our nation. Their skills and commitment also add great value to the workforce and our communities.
U.S. Congressman Raul Labrador: As we near the end of the 114th Congress, many groups have released their scorecards rating members of Congress on their performance. I’m happy to report that my record of fighting for jobs, growing our economy and a smaller, more limited, government has been recognized by four important groups.
Crapo working to improve health care for vets: Idaho veterans and their family members have made it clear that the Veterans Choice Program (Choice program), created to make it easier for veterans to get health care, does not work for Idahoans.
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