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U.S. Congressman Raul Labrador: Fresh off of an election that delivered a unified Republican government, the nation is in a position to finally see the realization of the party’s biggest campaign promise — the total repeal of Obamacare. Last week, House leadership produced a bill that fell far short of that commitment.
Anonymous: It has come to my attention that certain people in authority are pushing for a county wide fire district. While this sounds great on its face, there are many problems with this plan.
Kirk Dixon: I want to thank Rosanne Smith ("Where did $4.8 million go?") for making light on this subject. It is common sense to question what our dollars are being spent on with this levy.
Idaho Representative Ron Nate: When you hit the neighborhood grocery store for your weekly shopping trip for eggs, milk, bread, fruits, and other staples, you pay the cost of the groceries plus an additional six percent for the state sales tax going to the state general fund.
Rosanne Smith: Let me see if I have this straight. The school district collected $2.4 million a year for the past two years. With that $4.8 million they bought much needed equipment and upgrades.
U.S. Congressman Raul Labrador: For years, I have been a strong proponent of Congressional oversight of the Executive branch. In fact, Congress’ shirking of its responsibilities has been one of my biggest complaints since I was elected.
Greg Johnson: The big news on our schools these days is that the Boundary School District 101 Board of Trustees has voted not to raise the amount of the M&O Levy that is up for vote on March 14.
Dennis Weed: Our community has another great opportunity to show support for our schools on March 14. Boundary County school administration, teachers and support staff do an outstanding job in educating our students for the next working generation.
Idaho Congressman Ronald Nate: In the modern era of school shootings and growing gun ownership, many states are returning to gun safety classes in schools. I am working on a bill to allow and encourage school boards to approve gun safety classes for Idaho schools.
U.S. Senator Mike Crapo: The U.S. Census Bureau reports that the majority of Idaho’s veterans served during the Vietnam War. Veterans put their lives on the line and lost friends and family during their service to our country. Many lessons can be learned from these great Americans.
U.S. Congressman Raul Labrador: It was a great week to be home in Idaho. I always love the change of scenery and the opportunity to travel through the district and spend time with my constituents.
Idaho Representative Heather Scott: Week 7 of the 2017 Legislative Session has been the busiest yet! Floor sessions have been starting earlier than usual in order to have enough time to vote on all the bills and conduct our regular business.
Idaho Representative Ronald Nate: Sometimes a bill doesn't need to pass in order to have an impact. Merely bringing the issue forward causes key decision makers to reconsider current practices, explore alternatives, and respond to citizen input. The bill to repeal the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) test is a perfect example.
U.S. Senator Mike Crapo: In Idaho, one in three Medicare beneficiaries have chosen a private health plan through Medicare Advantage, which allows beneficiaries to select a health plan that best suits their individual budget and health needs.
Linda Sue Nash: Shane Rucker is my nephew. He lived with me in 2015. Poor kid should never have joined the Marines.
W. Gillham: I recently called the NewsBF office to seek assistance with finding a contractor to clear the snow off my parents house on Wells Street while my elderly parents were hospitalized in California.
U.S. Congressman Raul Labrador: This week I was honored and humbled to introduce the Shauna Hill Post 9/11 Education Benefits Transferability Act (H.R. 1112). This legislation will correct an oversight in current law regarding benefits under the GI Bill on behalf of one of Idaho’s veterans.
Melonie: I want to say thank you to the men who came and plowed my mother in law's drive way!
Clara: I just wanted to say thank you to the guy in the truck who helped push our car onto the highway from Deep Creek Loop during the first snowfall.
Carol: Thank you to Rory and his group of five others from the Mennonite Church for getting our roof clear!
U.S. Congressman Raul Labrador: It’s been an amazing two weeks in Washington. Congress has moved swiftly and boldly to repeal overreaching last-minute rules from the Obama Administration, reasserting its constitutional duty to make the law and pushing back against abuse of executive authority.
District 1 Representative Heather Scott: Week #5 of the 2017 legislative session is coming to a close and legislators have been busy. To date, a total of 155 House Bills and 82 Senate Bills have been printed.
U.S. Congressman Raul Labrador: The American electorate surprised the world in November because they were tired of their government acting as master instead of servant. The people’s message is clear: It’s time for real and lasting change.
Gerald B. Higgs: There is currently a bill pending in the Washington State Legislature sponsored by seven state senators to end Daylight Savings Time in Washington state. This has a high likelihood of passing. In the event it does, I propose that we pass legislation in Idaho that follows.
District 1 Representative Heather Scott: Citizens showed up on the Capitol steps this week to speak out against the federal-mandated Common Core in our Idaho schools.
U.S. Senator Mike Crapo: “As the tax filing season approaches, it is critical that all taxpayers remember to be wary of unsolicited telephone calls and e-mails from individuals claiming to be IRS and Treasury employees,” warns the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA), J. Russell George.
U.S. Congressman Raul Labrador: I have always strongly supported protections for the unborn and I’m happy to report two big wins for the pro-life movement in the first week of the Trump Administration.
Rosanne Smith: January 6 ... January 12 ... January 14 ... January 17. This is how many times I have requested the minutes for Moyie Springs council meetings and "special" meetings held in December 2016. January 21, 2017 ... email inbox still empty ...
U.S. Congressman Raul Labrador: Today is more important than just the inauguration of our 45th president. Today we celebrate a 220-year tradition of the peaceful transfer of power in our great nation.
U.S. Senator Mike Crapo: I recently wrote about the need to heed the Social Security Trustee’s warnings and shore up Social Security. Like the requirements for the Social Security Trustees to annually assess the state of the trust funds that support the Social Security program, the Medicare Trustees are also required by law to report to Congress on the state of the Medicare trust funds.
Idaho Representative Heather Scott: Monday kicked off with Governor Otter delivering the annual State of the State address. Idaho’s future is looking bright as it is going into its seventh straight year of economic growth.
U.S. Congressman Raul Labrador: This week I moved to relieve Idaho’s overloaded federal courts by introducing a bill authorizing a third U.S. District judge in the District of Idaho. Since 2015, Idaho has had just one full-time district court judge and the Judicial Conference of the United States has declared a judicial emergency in our state.
U.S. Senator Mike Crapo: In its most recent report out in June, the Trustees of the Social Security trust fund provided another warning that Congress must act now to address the shortfalls of the Social Security trust fund.
U.S. Congressman Raul Labrador: The new Republican-controlled Congress convened last week. We’re eager to work with President-elect Donald Trump, who takes office Jan. 20. My agenda has much in common with our new President’s plans and I look forward to a very productive partnership.
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