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A remembrance of Kinley, and a prayer for his family

August 6, 2011
To Pastor Larry and Mrs. Barb Nelson and family,

My name is Ray Danly. I'm the dad of Eric, Greg and C.J. Danly. We lived in Bonners Ferry from 1975 to 1982 while I was associated with the Bonners Ferry Police Department. My sons all knew Kinley, and Eric was his close friend and classmate. My kids are scattered now and I live in Hayden, Idaho.

We are all very distressed to learn of Kinley's passing, and your family is in our thoughts and prayers during this trying time.

Part of my outreach at Peace Lutheran, Coeur d'Alene, involves compassionate association with those experiencing pending death situations. So I am well aware of the crushing hurt that you feel. There is nothing that anyone can do to assuage your sorrow, but we can offer to you our Christian love and compassion, and we do. As a fellow Lutheran, I share your certain conviction that Kinley is in a far better place now; but that does not mitigate the deep grief that you feel at his sudden and unexpected loss. Our Lord holds him in eternal security while you, his parents and family, are left behind with only Kinley's memory. May I share some of my memory of your dear son, who spent some time with my family when we lived in Bonners.

I remember Kinley as a pleasant and polite young man. I never heard him speak ill of others. Kinley was not very outgoing, but he was not shy. He exhibited a quiet, calm nature that was very considerate of others. Jo Ann (my ex-wife) and I liked him very much and were glad that our son,"mischievous Eric" had Kinley as a friend to temper some of the teen-age schemes thought up by Eric and others (Kurt, Dwayne, J.R. and more).

Kinley seemed to us to be a stabilizing influence to the other more rambunctious boys. That is not to say that they all, including Kinley, didn't partake in some silly actions, but nothing that was destructive, dangerous or injurious to others. Kinley was that kid that was always ready and anxious to lend a hand wherever it was needed.

You didn't ask, Kinley offered.

I've spoken with several my retired B.F. police colleagues and have learned that Kinley's willingness to cheerfully donate time and talent remained with Kinley throughout his life. He learned that and other positive traits from his parents. You can take pride in a job well done during his formative years.

We Lutherans are convicted in the assurance of God's grace, the hope of salvation. By our sacraments we are welcomed into His Holy Family, buried with Christ and raised, clear of sin, to live before God; by the true body and blood of our Savior, we are forgiven of our sins and given life and salvation. May I offer the following?

Heavenly Father we praise You and give You thanks for the privilege of knowing Kinley and having him in our lives for awhile. We do not always understand Your ways, but we have the assurance that You have our best interest foremost in all of your dealings with us. We ask that you bring solace and peace to all Kinley's survivors and friends. May we feel Your grace as we come to realize that Kinley's earthly challenges are over as he resides in Eternal Paradise with You. Bless all of the Nelsons and ease the ache in their hearts. We ask this in the name of our Lord and Savior, Your son, Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit. --- Amen
Raymond Danly
Hayden, Idaho
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