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Dad upset over child's care

December 6, 2012
On Friday, October 26, I picked up my daughter for the weekend. I noticed she had a deep hoarse cough.

She has endured numerous bouts with bronchitis and has had several ear infections, resulting in ruptured eardrums, over the last two years. Because of this, I carefully watch over my daughter’s health.

On Sunday, October 28, I questioned my ex-wife about the wisdom of trick or treating. She had previously invited me to go trick or treating with her and my daughter.

On Wednesday, October 31, my ex informed me that my daughter would not be trick or treating after all, due to the illness. I asked her then to take my daughter to the doctor. My ex, selfishly, does not allow me the ability to schedule doctors visits, and cancels those I do set for my daughter. Immediately after requesting
the doctors visit, I was assured it would be done that day.

On Thursday, November 1, I asked about the doctors visit, twice, and was finally assured I would be notified of the results.

On Friday, November 2, I asked about the doctors visit, again twice, and received no response from my ex-wife. Several hours later, Bonners Ferry Family Medicine called and notified me that my daughter had pneumonia. I asked twice for a copy of the exam report, and received silence.

On Monday, November 5, I again called Bonners Ferry Family Medicine twice to request a copy of the exam report for my daughter. After two promises to send the report over…nothing.

On Tuesday, November 6, after yet another call to request the results of my daughter’s exam, I was finally informed first, that she suffered from a cold. After reminding the receptionist of our earlier conversation, I was informed it was an upper respiratory infection. Finally, after reminding the receptionist one more time of our conversation Friday, It was finally admitted that my daughter did indeed have pneumonia. That afternoon, I finally received the exam report.

On Wednesday, November 7, I approached Margaret Huggins, owner and manager of Gabby Goose Daycare, to verify whether or not she knew my daughter had pneumonia. Margaret stated that she did and that I shouldn’t worry as “pneumonia was not contagious”, and that she had children come to daycare “all the time with pneumonia," further stating that “kids get sick all the time…no big deal."

I then informed Margaret that, since my daughter had a history of bronchitis and ear infections, her lungs were weakened and she therefore needed close observation.

On Thursday, November 8, while attending a parent/teacher conference with Mrs. Alvarez (Sarah’s teacher) I found that Mrs. Alvarez still did not know that my daughter had pneumonia or even any illness for that matter. I also learned that the lunch lady at Valley View Elementary had, in fact, been the person to call
attention to my daughter’s illness. Until then, on one else had either noticed the illness or taken any steps to contact myself or my ex-wife, who had neglected to see to her own daughters medical needs as well.

I think it is sad that an estranged parent, trying to insure his or her child’s safety, would be blocked from doing so by Bonners Ferry Family Medicine or Gabby Goose Daycare. Moreover, it seems as if the management at Gabby Goose Daycare cares little for the health of its students and doesn’t even understand
the risks and dangers of communicable illnesses such as pneumonia…let alone how to spot them.

Kudos to the lunch lady…and the staff of Valley View Elementary for looking after my little girl!
Dennis Watson
Ponderay, Idaho
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