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County commission minutes, November 12-13

November 19, 2012
***Monday, November 12, 2012, Commissioners did not meet due to the Veteran’s Day Holiday.

***Tuesday, November 13, 2012, Commissioners met in regular session with Chairman Ron Smith, Commissioner Walt Kirby and Deputy Clerk Michelle Rohrwasser. Commissioner Dan Dinning was out of the office attending the Idaho Roadless Meeting in Boise.

9:00 a.m., Resident Robert Karlac joined the meeting to present Commissioners with signed petitions requesting Commissioners review and re-evaluate the areas of impact around the City of Bonners Ferry. Planning and Zoning Administrator Dan Studer also joined the meeting.

Mr. Karlac introduced himself and read the heading of his petition aloud. It is written on the petition that it is felt citizens should have an equal voice in decisions that will directly impact their quality of life, especially in regards to the city annexing areas of the county into the city.

Chairman Smith said Commissioners will accept the petition and review the request. Chairman Smith said the petition mentions having an equal voice, but at this moment he is not aware of any process for this request. The normal process is for someone to petition to be annexed, which would be followed by a public hearing, etc. Chairman Smith explained his experience associated with annexation of an area of impact, which was the Three Mile area for the purpose of incorporating a sewer system.

Chairman Smith said he would like to look at a map showing different areas of the county included in the area of impact. Mr. Karlac said it seems that citizens should have a say when it comes to any place in the area of impact Chairman Smith said it sounds like Mr. Karlac would like for the people to have a vote, but he is not sure if that’s required if the properties are already in the area of impact. Mr. Karlac said he would think the Commissioners could meet with the Bonners Ferry City Council members to discuss this. Chairman Smith said he doesn’t think the county has any control once the property is already in the area of impact.

Commissioner Kirby said the area of impact is to get collaboration between the city and county to not have drastic planning and zoning ideas for a particular side of the street. If there are 100 parcels involved in annexation, there has to be a vote, according to Mr. Karlac. Chairman Smith said he believes the county’s planning and zoning rules apply to the properties to be annexed, but the county would probably notify the city of any county plans.

Mr. Karlac said the first time through this process the City of Bonners Ferry Planning and Zoning Commission was against the area of impact, but the Commission was in favor at the second hearing. Mr. Karlac asked Commissioners to just look into the matter. Chairman Smith said Commissioners will look into the process. Mr. Karlac said there are approximately 221 names on the petition and he added that he appreciated Commissioners looking into it.

The meeting with Mr. Karlac ended at 9:30 a.m.

9:30 a.m., Snowmobile Board Chairman Jeff Urbaniak, County Clerk Glenda Poston and Tim Fulton with Fulton Quality Construction joined the meeting to discuss the snowmobile warming shelter.

Mr. Studer left the meeting at 9:31 a.m.

Chairman Smith gave a brief recap of the matter involving damage caused to the snowmobile warming shelter caused by strong winds. The damage to the warming shelter and comfort station was assessed, a claim was submitted and insurance funds have already been received. Mr. Urbaniak sought requests for proposals and the purpose of this meeting is to be sure everyone involved is on the same page as far as what repairs are to be done.

Clerk Poston explained what she has learned of the quote process such as there being an initial quote followed by a more exact and final quote.

Mr. Fulton said he has the paperwork outlining what needs to be done to repair the building. Mr. Urbaniak discussed holding off on repairs to the comfort station initially. Chairman Smith said Commissioners will draft a new contract to state repairs will be minus the comfort shelter.

Commissioner Kirby moved to sign the Independent Contractor Agreement with Fulton Quality Construction for repairs to be made to the snowmobile warming shelter for an amount not to exceed $35,000. Chairman Smith yielded the chair to second. Motion passed unanimously.

Mr. Fulton left the meeting at 9:55 a.m.

Mr. Urbaniak discussed logging and clearing the snowmobile park site of the trees that blew down in the storm. Mr. Urbaniak said the cedar trees would be the only marketable species and there are approximately two loads. Mr. Urbaniak said whatever funds are left after paying the logger would be deposited into the Snowmobile Board’s account. It was said the Snowmobile Board could enter into an agreement with the logger.

Mr. Urbaniak presented Commissioners with logging quotes he has obtained. Clerk Poston questioned if cottonwood is what the Tribe is using in the river restoration project. Chairman Smith asked how much of the timber consists of cottonwood trees and Mr. Urbaniak said there are probably three truckloads.

Treasurer Jenny Fessler joined the meeting at 10:00 a.m.

Those present discussed questions pertaining to the quote. Mr. Urbaniak said clearing these trees is probably a two day job and not too many people want to do it, but there will be problems if the trees are left as is. Clerk Poston suggested Mr. Urbaniak find out if the timber consists of long or short logs.

The meeting with Clerk Poston and Mr. Urbaniak ended at 10:05 a.m.

Treasurer Fessler met with Commissioners to participate in a meeting involving county resident Stephen Moody to discuss Mr. Moody’s property tax issues. Mr. Moody did not show up for the meeting. Treasurer Fessler said Mr. Moody’s delinquent taxes have been paid down to $600, but the 2012 tax bill has come out and taxes increased to $800. Treasurer Fessler said Mr. Moody owes back to year 2010. Treasurer Fessler said she informed Mr. Moody that new tax bills come out every year and she had asked him to come in every month to make a payment. Those present discussed the tax amount owing.

Treasurer Fessler said the county tax minus the solid waste fee and translator fee is $4 for year 2012, but is $135.62 including solid waste and translator fees. A homeowner’s exemption has been applied.

10:10 a.m., Treasurer Fessler left the meeting.

Commissioners tended to administrative duties.

10:15 a.m., Clerk Glenda Poston joined the meeting.

Commissioner Kirby moved to authorize the Chairman to sign the Food Establishment License Renewal Application for year 2013 for the Boundary County Sheriff’s Office. Chairman Smith yielded the chair to second. Motion passed unanimously.

Commissioner Kirby moved to authorize the Chairman to sign the Equitable Sharing Agreement and Certification for the Prosecutor’s Office. Chairman Smith yielded the chair to second. Motion passed unanimously.

Those present discussed jail inmate and indigent matters.

Clerk Poston presented Commissioners with the 2012 General Election ballot books. Clerk Poston informed Commissioners she had reviewed the books and found five addition errors, but these numbers have since been rectified. These were minor errors that did not change any of the results. Clerk Poston said the county first had a 77% voter turnout, but had 539 voters register from the cut off to Election Day, and that is a lot.

Commissioner Kirby moved that Commissioners of the county and state, acting as a Board of Canvassers of Election, do hereby state that the attached is a true and complete abstract of all votes cast within this county at the General Election held November 6, 2012, as shown by the records now on file in the County Clerk’s Office. Chairman Smith yielded the chair to second. Motion passed unanimously.
The meeting with Clerk Poston ended at 10:45 a.m.

Commissioners reviewed claims for payment. Fund totals are as follows:

Current Expense $66,426.91
Road & Bridge 28,007.73
Airport 3,378.68
District Court 3,878.86
Justice Fund 39,315.14
911 Funds 924.32
Indigent & Charity 53,442.09
Junior College Tuition 32,474.00
Parks and Recreation 2,979.98
Revaluation 485.84
Solid Waste 14,063.30
Tort 373.36
Veterans Memorial 157.17
Weeds 358.57
Restorium 23,767.49
Waterways 137.59
Grant, Airport 2,825.76

TOTAL $272,996.79
Auditor’s Trust 2,805.85
Drivers License Trust 8,386.00
Magistrate Trust 29,295.97
Motor Vehicle Trust 98,882.77
Sheriff’s Trust Fund 434.52
Landfill Closure Trust Fund 40,000.00
Tax Deed Sale Trust 3,188.58

TOTAL $182,993.69

GRAND TOTAL $455,990.48

Citizens are invited to inspect detailed records on file in the Courthouse (individual claims & Commissioners’ allowance & warrant register record 2012).

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 11:00 a.m.



By: Michelle Rohrwasser, Deputy
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