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Help needed on All-Hazard Plan

November 27, 2012
Disasters, either man-made or natural, don't happen all that often in Boundary County, but when they do occur, they can be catastrophic, such as the October, 1998, mudslide that took out railroad tracks, Highway 95 and the District 2 Road on the North Hill, disrupting travel for weeks. Being prepared is key to minimizing the impact, and your help is needed.
The Boundary County Local Emergency Planning Committee earlier this month began the process of the updating of the Boundary County All Hazard Mitigation Plan, and your help is needed in a community survey to identify those risks you consider most important, either natural hazards or man-made.

The Plan was originally developed in 2005 and covers Boundary County, the Kootenai Tribe, the City of Bonners Ferry, and the City of Moyie Springs. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) requires that the Plan be updated every five years.

The All Hazard Mitigation Plan is comprised of two important components; 1) the Community Hazard Assessment, and 2) the identification of Mitigation Projects.

The Community Hazard Assessment identifies the natural and man-made hazards that have a potential to affect the greater Boundary County Community. The mitigation projects are those actions that are proposed to be taken to reduce the risks presented by the hazards on the Community.

Typical Hazards include flooding, wildfire, and severe weather. Protection projects might include the repair or enlargement of culverts or bridges, creating green space around structures, or construction wind breaks.

The Plan update will be completed by Whisper Mountain Professional Services, Inc., Pocatello, Idaho. Whisper Mountain recently updated the Boundary County Emergency Operations Plan and has developed and updated similar Hazard Mitigation Plans in over 30 counties in Idaho and northeastern Washington.

Whisper Mountain is conducting a community survey seeking input from the public.

The survey is designed to identify what members of the community consider to be the risks posed by natural and man-made hazards. It also measures the community’s perception of the level of risk those hazards pose.

The survey can be done in a few short minutes online at

Paper copies of the survey are also available at the City Halls in Bonners Ferry and Moyie Springs and at the Kootenai Tribe’s Administration Offices.

If you have questions regarding the survey or would like to participate in any way in the planning process please feel free to contact David Kramer, the Boundary County Emergency Services Director at (208) 255-6073 or Dr. Rick Fawcett at Whisper Mountain Professional Service, Inc. at (208) 478-1099.
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