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Moyie Springs City Council minutes, Nov. 7

December 12, 2012
City Council met in regular session November 7, 2012, at the Moyie Springs City Hall.

The meeting was called to order by Mayor Doug Evans. Present were Councilmen Steve Economu, Chad Farrens, Bart Klaus, City Attorney Dan Featherston, Fire Chief Ken English and Public Works Supervisor John Nelson. Terry Johnson was unable to attend the meeting due to illness.

Discussed the minutes of the regular meeting on October 3, 2012. A motion was made by Steve Economu and seconded by Chad Farrens to approve the minutes as written. Motion carried.

Discussed the financial statement. A motion was made by Bart Klaus and seconded by Steve Economu to approve as written. Motion carried.

Drexel Love, Lila Finley, Mike Sloan, David Sims, Lois Kopp and Bill Mock attended the meeting.

Bill Mock attended the meeting to discuss Lockbox. Lockbox is an online service the water & sewer customers can use to pay their Water & Sewer bills. There is a $1.25 charge for each payment which will be born by the customer. There is zero cost to the City. Bill will send an agreement for Mayor Evans to sign.

Discussed the Memorandum of Understanding Dan Featherston sent Rob Pluid. That agreement doesn’t need to be signed if the council changes the ordinance.

David Sims, EDC, attended the meeting. David said the man from Oregon who sells bark is still trying to move an operation to Boundary County, but he needs a 10,000 sq. ft. building. He plans to start out with 12 employees. David said the Library is working on trying to build onto the existing building and will have some students from the University of Idaho draw up some plans. They plan on housing a learning center, etc. David said they would need to apply for a bond and would have to raise their levy rate.

Discussed Ordinance #109 – Manufactured Homes. This ordinance will remain and another ordinance will be written as an addition – with a different number.

Discussed the ordinance concerning Council absences. Steve Economu asked about 2 council members being gone at the same time? Both could be on Skype, but what about approving the bills? Mayor Evans said the bills could be signed as soon as the councilmen get back.

Discussed codification. Sandy told the council it would cost us no more than $3,000. The council decided to wait until the next fiscal year since this amount was not budgeted for in this fiscal year.

Sandy gave Dan the corrections to the Comprehensive Plan and the process for passing it will begin at the December 5th meeting.

KVRI report: Mayor Evans reported wolverine was discussed and they had a slide show. Doug said there are a bunch of bait sites, and they also had pictures of lynx and flying squirrels. The wolverine is on part of the endangered species list, but not on the actual list. It was denied because they had higher priorities. A wolverine den has never been found.

Discussed the sewer facility study. John said DEQ needs to approve the study and we have not heard anything from Idaho Forest Group. John said he doesn’t think there’s 10 acres down behind the mill that is usable for drain fields. John also said the council should consider purchasing 10 acres from the Forest Service north of Highway #2. Doug Evans told John to call and talk to Larry Comer about his ideas. Ken English asked if a line north of Highway #2 wouldn’t help with future expansion? John said DEQ has started asking questions about the sewer system.

A motion was made by Chad Farrens and seconded by Bart Klaus authorizing Sandy to purchase 5 boxes of self-addressed, stamped billing envelopes for $1247.00 plus shipping. Motion carried.

Discussed the Volunteer Fire Department. Ken English reported: October 3 – LEPC meeting; October 10 – Ambulance assist; October 13 – Ambulance assist; October 17 – Fire Chiefs meeting; October 19 – Ambulance assist. Ken said the Sheriff’s office is getting close to getting the enhanced 911 system to include cell phones. It works efficiently most of the time – Ken explained the system. Ken said there have been more bomb threats at the high school and one at the middle school yesterday. Ken said Creston, BC has had 5 major slides on Kootenai Lake and 5 deaths. Ken bought batteries for the pagers and also purchased 2 flashlights. Ken would like to purchase 2 more flashlights for the fire trucks. Ken said they are doing training on breathing apparatus.

Discussed the Water & Sewer systems. John Nelson reported we pumped a high on October 2nd of 2133,800 gpd; a low on the 24th of 1100 gpd; no average given, for a total for the month of October of 3,750,000 gallons. John said he needs to repair a pump he burned up in the clear well at the filter plant. John got an estimate for have the backhoe serviced and to repair what is needed - $1462.40. A motion was made by Steve Economu and seconded by Bart Klaus authorizing $1462.40 to service and repair the backhoe. Motion carried. John said he would like to have it hauled to town even though that would be an extra charge. The backhoe also needs 2 new tires. John got the culvert installed at the end of McGinnis St. John has been working on the building for the wells. He said Boundary Electric moved 1 panel into the new building today. John would like to buy $600 worth of stainless steel to build a weir for the sewer lagoon. David Sims said the City of Bonners Ferry has a meter they might give John. John will talk to them. Mayor Evans said if we aren’t going to use the weir long term, we don’t need stainless. John will purchase cheaper steel. John said he opened Vault #2 and the drain system is plugged. He will see if the City of Bonners Ferry will bring their vacuum truck out in the Spring to clean it out.

Discussed the .07 acre, belonging to Idaho Forest Group, that joins the former Estaline Reader property. The City of Moyie now owns the property and would like the .07 acre so we have more room to eventually build a fire station. Mayor Evans said he doesn’t think the map is right – John said it is right. The City received a letter from Idaho Forest Group saying they would donate the property to the City, if the City pays all the costs involved. Dan said the cost won’t be too high and he will take care of the paperwork.

Discussed the Time Certificate #2904066 that matures November 16th. A motion was made by Chad Farrens and seconded by Bart Klaus to let the certificate automatically renew for another 90 days. Motion carried.

Discussed the bills. A motion was made by Chad Farrens and seconded by Steve Economu to pay the bills. Motion carried.

A motion was made by Steve Economu and seconded by Chad Farrens to adjourn. Motion carried.

Attest: City Clerk
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