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Theft of firewood leaves family cold

January 7, 2012
On Sunday morning, Misty Reader's son went out as he does every morning when the wood pile by the stove goes low to fetch some more firewood, but all he found were a few lonely pieces.

When he went in and told mom, she couldn't believe it, but when she went out to check, she discovered, to her shock, that it was true. The full cord she bought just before Christmas was gone, apparently stolen in the night.

"To the heartless person or people that took it upon yourself to steal my firewood, that should have lasted us for the month, thank you so much," she wrote on Facebook. "My three kids and disabled elderly mother will be very cold in our home for the next few weeks 'til we get paid and can buy more!"

With an arctic front expected to drop temperatures in the region to bone-numbing, the alleged theft comes at a particularly bad time for the family, who live on Highway 95 south of Naples.

"I understand these are trying times," Misty said, "but this is beyond being desperate. I'm trying to find things I can pawn so I can get more firewood. I can't let my family be cold ... it's making me sick just thinking about it."

She estimates that more than half a cord was taken. Because her driveway is icy, there were no noticeable tracks; she spent a lot of time Sunday looking for clues, but came up empty.

"It had to have happened during the weekend," she said. "All I can think is that it was done at night or they waited until I was gone."

She didn't file a theft report with the sheriff's office, she said, because she didn't think there'd be anything they could do.

If anyone may have seen suspicious activity or know who is responsible, she asks that you call her at (208) 920-0817. Also, if there's anyone who has a bit of firewood they can spare, this is a family that could sure use it.
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