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Most befriended local Facebook page?

January 13, 2013
Mirror, mirror, on the wall ... who has the most popular local Facebook page of all? If you answered, "the one that asks us, 'If you could wave a magic wand and for just a few minutes, your pets would have the ability to perfectly understand everything you said to them ... what would you tell them?'" you might be right.

Dr. Marty Becker
It's no surprise at all that of all the Facebook pages emanating from the northern tip of Idaho, Dr. Marty Becker, author of the fastest selling pet book in history, "Chicken Soup for the Pet Lovers Soul," and a familiar face on television sets around the world, should hold, as best I can find, such honor.

His page,, has, as of a count two minutes ago, 41,128 likes, and 14,844 people talking about it. A brief visit to his Facebook site or his professional website,, might well tell you why.

We love our pets. Dogs, cats, snakes or ferrets, and Dr. Becker tells the stories every pet owner knows, be they funny or feared, and he tells you how to cope so that you keep your sanity and your pet stays happy and healthy.

His writings, tips and stories can also be found at, a site dedicated to providing the best and latest news and information when it comes to pet care.

He is a regular guest on ABC's Good Morning America and on the Dr. Oz show, sharing tips and tricks to make owning a pet the joy it should be.

Doctor Marty Becker is famous, but at home in Boundary County he's just another good neighbor, helping to shovel a drive when needed, helping with a fund-raiser for a local school or serving up spaghetti at the Chic n' Chop during the annual Cancer Society fundraiser.

Dr. Becker didn't come by fame, fame came to him, because he has the uncanny ability to talk to and answer the questions people have when it comes to their pets, even on topics, such as a cat's hairballs, that people don't much think to ask about.

It's his due, and Dr. Becker could be frolicking in the limelight.

He isn't, though.

He's attending a class right now learning how to neuter a  male dog ... without cutting. He continuously works and studies to stay on top of new methods and ideas so he can keep providing people the very latest on how to protect and care for their pets.

He's spending much of his time, too, putting together words that the many pet lovers can see and appreciate ... from a pet's point of view.

All that may be why his Facebook page is so popular. He answers questions before they're asked and helps pet owners the world over learn more about their pets, and to keep them happy and healthy.
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