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Valley View Student Council minutes

January 15, 2013
Valley View Student Council — Minutes of January 10, 2013

In attendance:
President Grace Villelli
V.P. Katie Clairmont
Treasurer Cameron Rae

Avery Pluid, Mrs. Funkhouser
Paisley Schulte, Mrs. Perez
Rikki Cowin, Mrs. Beck
Thomas Mooney-Rivkin, Mrs. Schulte
Amanda Maggi, Mrs. Warren
Ben Tompkins, Mrs. Weymer

Faculty Reps:
Mrs. Barker, Mrs. Hittle, Mr. Pflueger

Guest Members: Michael Youngwirth and Teresa Rae

The January 10 meeting began at 11:45 a.m. in the annex. Katie took role; all members were present. A motion was made to approve the minutes of December 6, 2012, it was seconded and they were approved.

Cameron gave a financial report: The Student Council had $475.91. $216.32 was spent on new pencils. The Santa-Gram money was added in; the balance is $312.04. After selling the pencils and with the income from popcorn sales and Lucky-Grams (on St Patrick’s Day) we anticipate earning over $600 this year.

The Student Council then discussed how to use this money.

It was unanimously decided to purchase a door mat for the front entrance. The Student Council will hold a contest to design this door mat. The mat will be 3 ft. x 6ft. There is a flyer showing samples from other schools near the office.

Please draw your idea on a piece of paper and place it in the suggestion box. Make sure your name is written on the paper. The cost of the mat is $400.

Under Spirit Day discussion:

January 31st will be Sports Day. This will be the first day of popcorn sales. Bags will be sold at lunch for 50 cents each. Usually popcorn will be sold on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the Month.

February 14th St. Valentine’s Day will also be Red, White and Blue Day to honor Presidents Day. We will be out of school on President’s Day Feb. 18th.

Teresa Rae has offered to help the Student Council prepare and promote activities. One of her jobs will be to publish a Student Newspaper. To begin with, we need a name for the paper. Please enter your ideas for this in the Student Council Suggestion Box.

We will be looking for articles, funnies and word games to place in the paper. The paper will be printed once a month. Articles will be written by the class representatives or guest authors for each grade level. All entries are welcome.

The meeting ended with poster-making to advertise the Canned Food Drive.

Other Business:

Some members may attend the School Board meeting at VVES on January 15 as part of an administrative update. Parents will be called.

Grace and Cameron will meet and greet visiting author Kenn Nesbitt on January 16.

A school sign is still to be developed by Adam Ineck and the high school students. This will be placed in front of the school in the not too distant future.

All donated can food items will be collected on Thursday, January 17 and loaded on the bus. This project was done to support the community MLK Jr. “Fill the Bus” program.

Next Meeting of the Student Council will be held February 7.
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