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Moyie Springs City Council minutes

January 17, 2013
City Council met in regular session December 5, 2012, at the Moyie Springs City Hall.

The meeting was called to order by Mayor Doug Evans. Present were Councilmen Steve Economu, Chad Farrens, Terry Johnson, Bart Klaus, City Attorney Dan Featherston, Fire Chief Ken English and Public Works Supervisor John Nelson.

Discussed the minutes of the regular meeting on November 7, 2012. A motion was made by Bart Klaus and seconded by Chad Farrens to approve the minutes as written. Motion carried.

Discussed the financial statement. A motion was made by Chad Farrens and seconded by Terry Johnson to approve as written. Motion carried.

George Elliott, Mike Sloan and David Sims attended the meeting.

George Elliott attended the meeting to discuss the ordinance the City of Moyie has prohibiting the sale of liquor on election day. George said we are the only ones who prohibit the sale of liquor on election day and he would like to see it changed. Sandy will check to see what dates the State of Idaho prohibits the sale of liquor.

David Sims, EDC, attended the meeting and reported North Idaho Essentials has shipped equipment to their property north of Bonners, and it has arrived. They will send a technician the end of February. Mack Worley, the bark man from Oregon, will be here next week. David also said Potlatch Credit Union purchased the building behind Verizon. They will use ½ of the building, put in a drive thru and rent out the other half. The new president of NIC, Joe Dunlap will be in Bonners on Monday, December 10th. Mike Sloan said we want to show support for NIC in Bonners Ferry to keep it here.

Discussed the South Division waterline and road project. John Nelson said he thinks we should get started – it will take a year to get our part done. John talked to Steven Boorman and it will take about 1 month to move the power poles, transfer the power and remove the old lines. John said Steve Boorman wants to put the poles on the east side of the road, on the pavement. People would have to drive around them for awhile. Steve Boorman would also like a 10’ vegetation easement. The City of Bonners Ferry will be doing some work at the Moyie Substation in the future. John said if we get the base of the road done, we could probably get a grant to have it paved. John said when he checked on 8” pipe, it was $8.48/ft and he will need 1000 ft., and he will also replace the water meters. Steve Economu asked if it would be feasible to put another lane on the other side of the poles? John said JRS has 2 different drawings – 1 with a 50’ right-of-way and one with a 60’ right-of-way. John said it will cost $15,000 - $18,000 for pipe and fittings. John was told to get some up-to-date prices. John said the price of pipe goes along with the price of oil. John said Steve Boorman would like to go in and come out of the Moyie Substation – he would have to cut across Roosevelt and he said it would be fixed properly. It would be up to the council as to whether they permit him to cut across Roosevelt. Steve Economu said Bev Plato called him and asked if we could do something about East Mountain View because it’s so rough. Steve told her it is too late to grade the roads.

Discussed Christmas bonuses. A motion was made by Chad Farrens and seconded by Steve Economu to give $300.00 each to John and Sandy and $75.00 to Ken English. Motion carried.

Sandy told the council the interest rate on the Time Certificate that matured on November 16th, and automatically renewed, is .15%.

Discussed Ordinance #118 – the supplement to #109. A motion was made by Steve Economu and seconded by Terry Johnson approving the 1st reading. Motion carried.

Discussed Ordinance #119 – concerning council absences. Sandy read the first reading. A motion was made by Chad Farrens and seconded by Steve Economu approving the first reading. Motion carried.

Discussed the Comprehensive Plan. Dan & Sandy will write a letter, that will go in the water bills, explaining the process of approving the comp. plan.

There was no KVRI report.

Discussed the Volunteer Fire Department. Ken English reported the following: Nov. 1 – Fire call; Nov 7 – LEPC meeting; Nov 13 – Pickup fire at Moyie Club; Nov. 21 – Fire Chiefs meeting. Ken said everything is running great. The Red Cross is still looking for people to volunteer – the Red Cross pays all expenses and training. Ken said the people from the National Weather Center were at the LEPC meeting and said the rain is almost done, and it should snow this weekend. Ken said there is fire training coming up in January, and he would like all the firemen to at least look at it to see if they are interested. Ken said when the firemen are paged, they need to know the time.

Discussed the Water & Sewer systems. John Nelson reported we pumped a high on November 15th of 134,200 gpd; a low on the 2nd & 18th of 0; an average of 102,483 and a total for the month of November of 3,074,500 gallons. John told the council he went to Rathdrum and picked up cold mix on Friday. The well site building is finished. John said we had a water sample show positive for coliform – not ecoli. There is something wrong with the sample station and John will dig it up the Spring. John said he has to take 5 more samples in December. If they come back absent, we’re OK.

Discussed the white board for the meeting side of the building. The City of Bonners Ferry did not have one that we could have. John said a 4’ x 6’ piece of safety glass will cost $122.40. A motion was made by Chad Farrens and seconded by Bart Klaus authorizing John to purchase the safety glass for $122.40. Motion carried. John would like to purchase an electronic chlorine testing meter for $415.00. A motion was made by Chad Farrens and seconded by Terry Johnson authorizing John to purchase the meter. Motion carried.

Copies of the letters written by Jaye Gross and Rosanne Smith were given to the council. The letters were published on News Bonners Ferry.

Discussed the bills. A motion was made by Bart Klaus and seconded by Chad Farrens to pay the bills. Motion carried.

A motion was made by Chad Farrens and seconded by Steve Economu to adjourn. Motion carried.

Attest: City Clerk
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