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Food thieves risk 'a face full of sorry'

First it was firewood, now food? Times must be tougher than most of us think.

A Naples woman posted notice on Facebook this morning warning residents to lock up their freezers ... hers is on her enclosed porch, she wrote, and she's had food stolen three times in the past two weeks.

"If you live in the Naples area, or just about anywhere I guess, and you happen to have your freezers where someone can get to them, there is someone going around stealing food," she wrote.

Earlier this month, News Bonners Ferry reported on the theft of firewood from a local family, also in the Naples area. Despite all the assistance the people of Boundary County go out of their way to provide, it appears that not everyone in the county are willing to ask for or accept the generosity of the community, preferring just to take what they need instead.

"I have kept my freezers right outside the front door on my enclosed porch for 42 years," wrote B.J. Roop. "You can bet anyone tries it again they are going to be met with a face full of sorry! I know times are hard, and I know if someone had asked me for help and food, I would have given it with a heart full of compassion."

She first noticed that some frozen food was missing about two weeks ago, she said, but "figured with all the grandkids I probably just used it and didn't remember."

Then last Thursday, she went out to get a chicken, and they were all gone.

"Then I knew something was happening," she said, "so I took an inventory of what I had."

This morning, she went out to get a roast ... and all her beef was missing, along with bread, more frozen fruit and milk.

"We checked for tracks, but with all the traffic around our front door and porch we couldn't tell anything," she said. She did report the theft to the sheriff's office.

Those honestly needing help in Boundary County have none to blame but themselves if they are going without when times get hard. There are people to turn to here, seven days a week, around the clock.

The Bonners Ferry Community Action Partnership is available during regular business hours, and the staff and volunteers will go out of their way to provide emergency food and assistance to see folks through. They can be reached at (208) 267-3663.

A lot of folks don't realize it, but the Boundary County Sheriff's Office, manned at all hours, isn't just a place to report bad guys, a fire or an accident.

They are also there to help those in need, whether you're a resident or if you're just passing through and run into trouble.

They have a long list of resources they can call on; The Boundary County Ministerial Society, the Red Cross, Community Action Partnership and more, to help you get through and back on your feet.

You can always reach them at (208) 267-3151, extension 0.

It's always much better to call and ask for help when you need it, because if you're caught taking matters, and other people's property, into your own hands, you'll get assistance you didn't bargain for as a paying guest of the Boundary County Jail.

You can use the same number if you have any information on who might be responsible.
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