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County commission minutes, January 14-15

January 30, 2013

***Monday, January 14, 2013, 9:00 a.m., the newly elected officials met for the swearing in ceremony in the lobby of the Courthouse. All newly elected officials were sworn into office.


Clerk Glenda Poston administered the oath of office to Commissioner Dan R. Dinning and newly elected Commissioner LeAlan L. Pinkerton.


9:05 a.m., Commissioner Pinkerton moved to elect Commissioner Dan Dinning Chairman of the Board of Boundary County Commissioners. Commissioner Kirby second. Motion passed unanimously. 


Commission Chairman Dan Dinning administered the oath of office to Sheriff Greg Sprungl and Prosecutor Jack Douglas.


9:45 a.m., Commissioners met in regular session with Chairman Dan Dinning, Commissioner LeAlan Pinkerton, Commissioner Walt Kirby, and Deputy Clerk Michelle Rohrwasser. Clerk Glenda Poston, Terry and Donna Capurso, Jane Kirby, and Sonny and Connie DeCoe-Munier joined the meeting. 


9:45 a.m., Road and Bridge Superintendent Jeff Gutshall joined the meeting to give the department report. Mr. Gutshall provided a written report. Mr. Gutshall said there have been less calls this year regarding snow issues than in the last few years. Mr. Gutshall explained when Road and Bridge employees are expected to plow and how long it takes to make a pass and drop the sand. Mr. Gutshall said sometimes Road and Bridge employees will not drop a lot of sand until they have completed plowing as they need a fully loaded truck. Mr. Gutshall explained that he considers a snow event as being four inches of snow or better.


Commissioner Pinkerton asked how many employees the Road and Bridge Department had and Mr. Gutshall said he has 18 employees. Mr. Gutshall explained that some of his department’s mechanics can also operate equipment. Mr. Gutshall said normally he doesn’t have his mechanics operate machinery unless there is an event as there is always a backlog of work for them, and he explained that any mechanical work done to the county’s vehicles and equipment is done by Road and Bridge. Mr. Gutshall said during the summer he has a three man crew working the crusher, there are at least two to three different road work sites going and the crusher is making gravel.


Mr. Gutshall invited Commissioner Pinkerton to take a tour of the Road and Bridge shop.


Chairman Dinning spoke of the section of Pack River Road located in Boundary County that Bonner County maintains. Mr. Gutshall said a few years ago the Boundary County Solid Waste Department was faced with the issue of garbage tonnage so Bonner County residents were no longer allowed to dump their trash in Boundary County. There is now an agreement between Bonner County and Boundary County for Bonner County to plow and grade the portion of Pack River Road that is located in Boundary County. Mr. Gutshall said the next time it is warm enough he will take a load of rock to fill a large pot hole that has formed in that road.


Mr. Gutshall discussed the coordination efforts between the school district’s buses and the Road and Bridge Department in relation to plowing snow. The school’s transportation coordinator understands what Road and Bridge is up against, according to Mr. Gutshall. A sand truck can’t run ahead of every school bus and the school buses will have to put on their chains once in a while, Mr. Gutshall was told. Mr. Gutshall said when the school district hired the new superintendent he met with him to explain this situation. The decision to close schools is made long before Road and Bridge is ready to go to work, according to Mr. Gutshall.  


The matter of the loader for the airport worked out well and it was a good move, according to Mr. Gutshall. Mr. Gutshall said for the county to not be under warranty is not an option for some pieces of equipment, but this loader will not have those same issues. Mr. Gutshall said James Jordan with Western/States CAT has even discouraged consumers from obtaining an extended warranty on the smaller pieces of equipment.


Mr. Gutshall discussed the Deep Creek Loop Phase III Project with Commissioners. Mr. Gutshall said this project has federal aid money that has been set aside. Mr. Gutshall explained the various projects. These projects all have a local match rate of 7.34% and the rest consists of federal funding. The county competes hard for these projects as the money can go to fix any road in the state. Commissioner Dinning said for clarity that the Deep Creek Loop Project is for phase III.


Mr. Gutshall said under the stimulus program Boundary County received $500,000 and was able to have the first three and one half miles of Deep Creek Loop repaved. When this project was engineered the consultant engineered the project all of the way so it was on the table and another three miles of paving was funded. There is another three miles left to pave and it happens to be the worst section of the road, which is from Lions Den Road through Moravia, according to Mr. Gutshall. The proposal is for a $2,000,000 project for cement treated base (CTB) and to grind up and stabilize the existing asphalt. This project also consists of fixing the sight distance problems at the golf course and installing barriers and guardrails under the overpass. The Deep Creek Loop Project was applied for in year 2011 and had ranked high, but wasn’t awarded. Mr. Gutshall said the process now is instead of applications being accepted every year, applications will be accepted every two years. Mr. Gutshall said a resolution will need to be submitted with the application pertaining to the Deep Creek Loop Phase III Project.


Commissioners asked for figures. The total project estimate is $1,977,000 and the local match is $145,111. Mr. Gutshall said he’s requested the project to take place in year 2016. Preliminary engineering will cost approximately $200,000.


It was said when the project gets to the construction phase and the 1.5 million dollars is requested is when the 7.34% is calculated and the State/Local Agreement comes into play.

Those present briefly mentioned the bridge replacements that have taken place. One Deep Creek Bridge was replaced this year and the second bridge is assumed to be bid this fall, according to Mr. Gutshall. Mr. Gutshall said Deep Creek Loop is also a part of an emergency relief project. The Lions Den Road slide repairs should also happen next, according to Mr. Gutshall. Chairman Dinning mentioned signing the documents for this project and Mr. Gutshall said the application documents have to be received by the Local Highway Technical Assistance Council (LHTAC), which is a branch of the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) that administers federal aid projects, by January 25th.


Mr. Gutshall discussed the paperwork for the Meadow Creek Road and Westside Road (Myrtle Creek Bridge) projects. Road and Bridge had applied for a project in year 1998 to include the Meadow Creek Road in the highway designation. The Forest Service is now involved so the county can now co-apply with that agency for capital improvements on Meadow Creek Road. The proposed project at the time was for a two mile stretch. The project was shortened to replace the old Twin Bridges and that project was at a cost of 2.5 million dollars and it didn’t cost the county a cent locally, according to Mr. Gutshall. In the meantime the county acquired Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) sponsored programs due to dust issues. Road and Bridge has brought in grants totaling approximately $80,000. Under the Congestion Mitigation Air Quality Program (CMAQ) a five mile stretch of Meadow Creek Road was paved. Mr. Gutshall said he has applied to finish this project and to have about 4.5 miles paved from the old Twin Bridges north. Mr. Gutshall said Boundary County would not be able to get bridges replaced without these federal projects. That money is going to be used somewhere in Idaho no matter how someone feels about federal money, according to Mr. Gutshall. The strings attached to these projects are the grant matches. The funds are how the county has been able to purchase the de-icer truck and it has helped complete a lot of huge capital improvements. These grants have brought in 11 million dollars since year 2000 and the programs are only available for the collector routes, and the county will use its local forces for the local roads.


Mr. Gutshall and Commissioners briefly discussed equipment finance agreements. Panhandle State Bank will probably agree to the same financing terms as Western States/CAT for the airport’s snow removal equipment. Mr. Gutshall explained how equipment finances work and how it is better now as far as equipment finances than they had been before. Mr. Gutshall explained the buyback offer and how that is credit to another machine.


The Secure Rural Schools (SRS) is about half of the Road and Bridge budget. Mr. Gutshall said Road and Bridge has not replaced two positions left vacant by attrition and Road and Bridge is going to return a grader as well. Mr. Gutshall said he wants to get payments down to $12,000 on an excavator and that term will extend to year 2020. Commissioner Pinkerton asked how much a buyback is and Mr. Gutshall said this is Western States/CAT buying the equipment back from the county. Mr. Gutshall said CAT does make money on used equipment. The buybacks are included in the bidding process and the reason to turn the equipment back in is due to the warranty, according to Mr. Gutshall. Commissioner Pinkerton questioned why return the equipment if other people are asking for them. Mr. Gutshall explained that Road and Bridge had a grader that would suddenly stop every once in awhile and it would stop right in the middle of the highway.


The meeting with Mr. Gutshall ended at 10:25 a.m.


10:25 a.m., Courthouse Maintenance Jerry Kothe joined the meeting to give a departmental report. Mr. Kothe provided a written report.


Mr. Kothe said he has cleaned gutters and removed ice, and the Godwin House has been cleared of snow. Mr. Kothe said he has checked with the City of Bonners Ferry on the status of the water pump and the turbine is getting repaired. Mr. Kothe said he will get the deflector for the Clerk’s Office air conditioner. Mr. Kothe said he has received several quotes for the water heater and he thinks the thermostat for the pump is bad. Badger Plumbing provided a quote of $570.65 for a Ream water heater with a six year warranty. Northern Energy’s quote came to $630.00. Home Depot’s quotes range from $378.00 to $798.00. The warranty provided through Badger Plumbing is for 12 years so the overall cost is approximately $570.00 and $200.00 for installation.


Mr. Kothe mentioned the issues with contractors being able to carry workers compensation insurance. Clerk Poston asked Mr. Kothe to have Mr. Prentiss of Badger Plumbing contact her office. Commissioner Dinning said he would like to keep the work local.


Mr. Kothe said yesterday he stopped by the courthouse and learned the boiler had been off so there had been no power to the boiler. The two main fuses in the box and panel have been changed. The emergency stop button that is located right around the corner from the door had been accidentally bumped so it just had to be reset.


Mr. Kothe resumed with the remainder of his department report. Mr. Kothe said a new piece of plywood should be placed underneath the heater. The parking lot to Memorial Hall has been plowed. Mr. Kothe said he will take a day off then come in over the weekend to paint the downstairs lobby. Mr. Kothe said there is no hot water shutoff on the hot water heater, but that is not unusual. There are four valves that need to be shut off and a new ball valve installed.


Commissioner Dinning mentioned the county needs someone to work on checking fixed assets. Deputy Clerk Chris Wolfe can produce a list of the county’s inventory for the county to randomly audit a department. Mr. Kothe was asked to take on that task. Mr. Kothe mentioned that he needs storage for the county’s surplus property because with the ambulance unit in the shop, there is no room to store any surplus property.


Mr. Kothe left the meeting at 10:35 a.m.


Those present addressed advisory board appointments.


Commissioner Kirby moved to reappoint Gini Woodward to the Community Guardian Board with a term to expire January 2017. Commissioner Pinkerton seconded. Motion passed unanimously.


Commissioner Kirby moved to appoint Dyan Hitch to the Community Guardianship Board replacing Jan Allen with a term to expire January 2017. Commissioner Pinkerton seconded. Motion passed unanimously.   


Commissioner Kirby moved to reappoint Glenda Poston, Rob LePoidevan and Gayle Alexander to the Boundary County Fair Board with terms to expire January 2015. Commissioner Pinkerton seconded. Motion passed unanimously.  


Commissioner tended to administrative duties.


Airport Manager Dave Parker joined the meeting at 10:50 a.m.


Mr. Parker informed Commissioners that the front end loader had been delivered and a blade will be put on. Mr. Parker said the loader came with a 1.6 yard bucket so it’s a bit bigger than the model he had tried. It’s the smallest front end loader that CAT makes. Dave Walter with Panhandle State Bank will match CAT’s financing terms, according to Mr. Parker.


Mr. Parker explained that there are properties at the north and south end of the airport, which is also the departure path so the instrument approach is basically compromised. Mr. Parker said the issue needs to be addressed so either the trees on these parcels need to be removed, which isn’t landowner friendly, or the county needs to make an offer to purchase these properties. A grant for federal funds has been sought so an offer can be made to these property owners. In most cases the property owners had been willing sellers, according to Mr. Parker. An environmental assessment had been done last fall and the airport has received verbal approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) that they would pay 90 cents on the dollar. The total project cost for land acquisition comes to approximately $972,000 and that is for the land that is affected. Advertising has been published in the Spokane and local newspapers for consultants to do work involving land titles and appraisals and to meet with landowners in making an offer. The county’s attorney would draw up the paperwork and the county would have to match 7 to 7.5 cents on the dollar. Mr. Parker said funds have been budgeted to accomplish this project and to match the federal funds. Mr. Parker said he’s been in touch with all landowners since the beginning in order to keep them involved in the process all along. Mr. Parker said his position is not one to make the negotiations. After advertising four responses were received from professional firms. The Airport Board has met twice and the Board has graded the proposals to find the best option.


The firms that responded were JUB Engineers, HDR Engineering, Tierra Right of Way, and USKH out of Spokane. All four proposals are considered responsive, but the Airport Board almost unanimously chose JUB Engineers. JUB Engineering ranked the highest, according to Mr. Parker. Mr. Parker said he has a letter ready for Commissioners to sign agreeing with the Airport Board’s recommendation to the FAA. The next step is for the Airport Board to meet with JUB Engineering representatives to review the scope of the project and talk about each item involved so JUB Engineering proceeds the way the county wants. The actual contract will be signed later. It was explained that no county department other than commissioners can encumber the county so everything that comes forward is just a recommendation. Mr. Parker said the letter is not binding.


Commissioner Kirby moved to authorize Chairman Dinning to sign the letter selecting JUB Engineering for the airport land acquisition study once the document is ready. Commissioner Pinkerton seconded. Motion passed unanimously.


Mr. Capurso asked if there is imminent domain involved. Commissioner Dinning said the intent of this Board is that there is no imminent domain so that is how to proceed today, but if there is a parcel that may shut down the airport, that issue may have to be revisited at that time, but otherwise he doesn’t like having to take that measure. Mr. Capurso clarified that he had just wanted to ask if the buyers are willing.


Mr. Parker said he feels good about JUB Engineering.


The meeting with Mr. Parker ended.


Commissioners reviewed claims for approval. Fund totals are as follows:


Current Expense                                    $91,702.69

Road & Bridge                                     132,995.37

Airport                                                     3,813.51

District Court                                           7,259.53

County Fair                                             38,000.00

Justice Fund                                            40,997.59

911 Funds                                                     534.63

Health District                                         12,971.25

Indigent & Charity                                     8,539.03

Parks and Recreation                                3,231.62

Revaluation                                                  590.81

Solid Waste                                             43,828.26

Tort                                                         79,798.94

Veterans Memorial                                       235.80

Weeds                                                          462.07

Restorium                                                13,116.83

Waterways                                                   387.55

Juvenile Probation, Lottery                          200.71

Grant, Emergency Communication          21,421.50

Grant, Fire Mitigation                             63,413.91


                          TOTAL                    $563,501.60


Auditor’s Trust                                        30,238.20

Sales Tax Collected                                  1,279.33

Drivers License                                         5,705.00

Magistrate Trust                                      24,550.93

Indigent Reimbursements                          6,287.00

Motor Vehicle Trust                                79,433.58

Sheriff’s Fund                                              760.11

Landfill Closure Trust Fund                    40,000.00


                        TOTAL                      $188,254.15


                        GRAND TOTAL      $751,755.75


Citizens are invited to inspect detailed records on file in the Courthouse (individual claims & Commissioners’ allowance & warrant register record 2012).


Terry Capurso, Donna Capurso, Sonny Munier, Connie DeCoe-Munier and Jane Kirby left the meeting at 11:10 a.m.


Chief Deputy Clerk Tracie Isaac joined the meeting.


11:15 a.m. Commissioner Kirby moved to go into executive session under Idaho Code 67-2345(1)b, to hear complaints or charges brought against an employee. Commissioner Pinkerton seconded. Commissioners voted as follows: Chairman Dinning “aye”, Commissioner Pinkerton “aye” and Commissioner Kirby “aye”. Motion passed unanimously. 12:05 p.m. Commissioner Kirby moved to go out of executive session. Commissioner Pinkerton seconded. Motion passed unanimously.


There being no further business, the meeting recessed until tomorrow at 9:00 a.m.          


***Tuesday, January 15, 2013, Commissioners met in regular session with Chairman Dan Dinning, Commissioner LeAlan Pinkerton, Commissioner Walt Kirby, and Deputy Clerk Michelle Rohrwasser.


9:00 a.m., Clerk Glenda Poston joined the meeting.


Commissioner Pinkerton moved to adopt Resolution #2013-12. A resolution establishing polling sites in Boundary County. Commissioner Kirby second. Motion passed unanimously. Resolution #2013-12 reads as follows:





            WHEREAS, the Board of County Commissioners, County of Boundary, State of Idaho, has established seven polling sites within the County, and


WHEREAS, those sites are the Bonners Ferry/Kootenai Precinct, Copeland Precinct, Moyie Springs Precinct, Naples Precinct, North Bonners Ferry Precinct, Valley View Precinct, and the County-Wide Absentee Voting Precinct


            NOW THEREFORE, upon motion duly made, seconded, and unanimously carried,


IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED that the Board of County Commissioners, County of Boundary, State of Idaho hereby reaffirms the polling sites for elections to be held in Boundary County in calendar year 2013 as follows:


PRECINCT                                                                       LOCATION

B.F./Kootenai Precinct                                                      Exhibit Hall, Boundary County Fairgrounds

Copeland Precinct                                                            Mt. Hall School

Moyie Springs Precinct                                                     Moyie Springs City Hall

Naples Precinct                                                                South Boundary Fire Hall

North Bonners Ferry Precinct                                           Exhibit Hall, Boundary County Fairgrounds

Valley View Precinct                                                         Valley View School

County-Wide Absentee Voting Precinct                           Boundary County Courthouse


DATED this 15th day of January, 2013 


                                                                        COUNTY OF BOUNDARY

                                                                        BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS

                                                                        s/_______________________________                                                                          DAN R. DINNING, Chairman


                                                                        WALT KIRBY, Commissioner


                                                                        LEALAN L. PINKERTON, Commissioner



GLENDA POSTON, Clerk of the Board of County Commissioners

Recorded as instrument #256256


9:02 a.m., Commissioner Kirby moved to go into Executive Session under Idaho Code 67-2345(1)b, To consider the evaluation, dismissal or disciplining of, or to hear complaints or charges brought against, a public officer, employee, staff member or individual agent, or public school student. Commissioner Pinkerton second. Commissioners voted as follows: Chairman Dinning “aye”, Commissioner Pinkerton “aye” and Commissioner Kirby “aye”. Motion passed unanimously. 9:50 a.m., Commissioner Kirby moved to go out of executive session. Commissioner Pinkerton second. Motion passed unanimously.


9:50 a.m., Boundary Volunteer Ambulance President Ken Baker met with Commissioners regarding future contract negotiations for ambulance services. Clerk Glenda Poston was also present. Clerk Poston briefly mentioned the unknown status of the levy rate or what Boundary Volunteer Ambulance’s budget will be.


Chairman Dinning said he would like Boundary Volunteer Ambulance (BVA) board members to meet with Commissioners. President Baker agreed and mentioned the benefit of starting off on the right foot. Chairman Dinning questioned if BVA still functions where the members elect the board. President Baker discussed the people who make up BVA’s board. Chairman Dinning informed President Baker that today’s meeting is just about process and he doesn’t want to spin wheels and get derailed. Chairman Dinning said if Boundary County and BVA don’t come to an agreement on a contract by September 2013, BVA is no longer considered to be contracting with the county, but if the two agencies do move forward, BVA’s new board is put into place.


Commissioner Pinkerton said his concern is the agreement and it sounds like to have an agreement, Commissioners should be on board. Chairman Dinning explained that one Commissioner can’t make a decision that will bind or encumber the county. Commissioner Pinkerton said that would be problematic. President Baker said BVA board meetings are held on Thursdays. Chairman Dinning said he would like the process to move forward so the community knows where the county is at with ambulance service. Chairman Dinning said as soon as the new BVA board members are determined, meetings need to be scheduled between the BVA Board and the county.


President Baker left the meeting at 10:55 a.m.


Fair Board Secretary Sandy Schnepf stopped by Commissioners’ Office to show them information on the application for a grant the Fair Board is applying for. Chairman Dinning explained that the Fair Board is a separate entity from the county and the county’s allocation is issued to a separate account for the Fair Board. The buildings at the fairgrounds belong to the county though and the Fair Board keeps the county informed of their projects. Ms. Schnepf explained that the grant is for a gazebo.


Ms. Schnepf said she is in the process of submitting another grant through the Inland Northwest Community Foundation. This grant application is due on January 22, 2013, and if awarded, funds will be used to have the siding redone on the Fair Board Office and Memorial Hall.


Ms. Schnepf left the meeting at 10:00 a.m.


County resident Phillip Sweet stopped by Commissioners’ Office. Mr. Sweet said he wanted the Sheriff to have a key for every Forest Service gate. Chairman Dinning said it was his understanding that the Sheriff’s Office does have keys. Mr. Sweet said the Sheriff’s Office doesn’t have a key to every gate.


10:00 a.m., John Marquette with JRS Surveying, Planning and Zoning Administrator Dan Studer, and property owner Hollis Brooks joined the meeting.


Mr. Marquette presented Commissioners with information on Hollis Brooks’s property and explained the request to split the parcel. Chairman Dinning questioned if coming to Commissioners is the proper process or if the reason for meeting is for clarification. Mr. Marquette showed Commissioners a vicinity map showing the 40 acre parcel. There is a 25 foot easement from the highway to the 40 acre parcel.


Mr. Marquette said Mr. Brooks is trying to obtain a reverse mortgage on a portion of his property and the lender said Mr. Brooks needs to have a parcel of legal size with set corners and a legal description. It was said Mr. Brooks also has a friend that he wanted to give 10 acres of the parcel to so there would be two, ten acre parcels and one 23 acre piece. The reverse mortgage lenders do not want two homes on the parcel, according to Mr. Marquette. This would essentially be creating a subdivision and Mr. Brooks only has a 25 foot easement from the highway to get to the 40 acres. It is probably an inadequate width for what a subdivision would call for. Mr. Marquette asked if this option is even a possibility for Mr. Brooks to pursue. Mr. Marquette said Mr. Brooks’s friend would use the gift of 10 acres for hunting, but no one knows who will end up with the property in the future.


Chairman Dinning asked Mr. Studer if this type of proposed division is classed as a simple subdivision. Mr. Studer said because the parcel doesn’t touch a highway or county road, it’s considered a short plat and it puts into place the access and all access to Highway 1 in the platting process. There will be a survey that will show rights-of-way and utilities. Mr. Studer said his recommendation to Mr. Marquette was to go through the process of creating this subdivision and it would be good to do this all at once, but that is quite an investment. Chairman Dinning said by the Board of Commissioners endorsing this request without the full process, the process may be done incorrectly. It was said this request needs to go through the proper Planning and Zoning process. Commissioner Pinkerton spoke briefly of becoming familiar with this process.


Mr. Studer said he doesn’t think Mr. Brooks needs a variance. Chairman Dinning asked if there something in the process that allows for adjustments. Mr. Studer said no, and in his own investigation he will have to contact Road and Bridge Superintendent Jeff Gutshall about the 25 foot right-of-way and roads.


Chairman Dinning stated for clarification that division of this piece of property is only for financing. Mr. Marquette said that was correct, but the reverse mortgage lenders require an already existing legal parcel otherwise it would’ve just been a lien against a 30 acre parcel. Chairman Dinning said if Mr. Brooks went to a bank and couldn’t get loan on more than five acres, he could always create that parcel for financing. Mr. Marquette said part of the confusion to create a legal parcel would be a subdivision and a lot within a subdivision. Chairman Dinning said the county exempts this kind of thing for financing reasons, and questioned if that was correct. Mr. Studer said the bank stipulates they require an already existing parcel. Chairman Dinning said any bank would require this type of action. Mr. Marquette said it would be still considered a subdivision if Mr. Brooks wanted to give the westerly 10 acres to a friend. Chairman Dinning said he doesn’t think so and he questioned if giving a 10 acre parcel would create a 10 acre and a 30 acre parcel so it wouldn’t create a subdivision. Mr. Studer said if the division is strictly for financing purposes, he doesn’t require a subdivision. If someone is gifting a 10 acre parcel to someone, it is subdividing, per Mr. Studer.


For a short plat road access, utilities and easements have to be shown and the matter would just go before Commissioners, according to Mr. Studer. Chairman Dinning said his thought is to go through the process for a short plat. Mr. Studer said that’s correct. Mr. Marquette said based on Mr. Brooks’s conversations, a 10 acre parcel could be created for financing purposes and 30 acres could be kept in tact, but let someone enjoy hunting and leave it as 30 acres and 10 acres. Mr. Brooks said whatever it takes for the reverse mortgage.


The meeting with Mr. Marquette, Mr. Studer and Mr. Brooks ended at 10:20 a.m. 


10:25 a.m., Clerk Poston and Chief Deputy Clerk Tracie Isaac met with Commissioners to discuss matters of workers compensation insurance. It was said the alternative to require a contractor to carry workers compensation insurance is to allow the work to continue, but if someone gets hurt, does that person have the ability to go after the county. Chief Deputy Clerk Isaac said a worker’s compensation claim could be filed under the county. The alternative is to just hire someone who has the coverage and that would be Commissioners’ decision.


Chief Deputy Clerk Isaac said she could add this contractor to the county’s policy including information about the job and what the county paid. In the past that cost would be determined and taken out of the contractor’s final payment, according to Chief Deputy Clerk Isaac. Chairman Dinning said in this case it is a small amount of money. Commissioner Kirby said the contractor could just drop off the heater at the back door and courthouse maintenance could move it in. Chairman Dinning said no matter what the county will have exposure. Chief Deputy Clerk Isaac said if this becomes the policy, there are still some unknowns. Chairman Dinning said this isn’t an emergency situation so let’s give it some thought.


Mr. Sweet explained that workers compensation coverage issue was a big deal with loggers some time ago and a lot of smaller operations could only work on private ground. Commissioner Pinkerton said there has got to be other plumbers out there with coverage.


It was said to buy the water heater and hire someone with workers compensation coverage to install it.


Chief Deputy Clerk Tracie Isaac left the meeting.


Mr. Sweet resumed his discussion about gated Forest Service roads and said the last thing he has heard is if a Forest Service road is a closed road, even though a gate is there it doesn’t mean it’s closed; it’s operable. Commissioner Pinkerton said he knows the Sheriff’s Office doesn’t have a key to every gate. Mr. Sweet said the Sheriff has the highest authority in the county.


Mr. Sweet left the meeting.


10:32 a.m., Commissioner Kirby moved to go into Executive Session under Idaho Code 67-2345(1)b, To consider the evaluation, dismissal or disciplining of, or to hear complaints or charges brought against, a public officer, employee, staff member or individual agent, or public school student. Commissioner Pinkerton second. Commissioners voted as follows: Chairman Dinning “aye”, Commissioner Pinkerton “aye” and Commissioner Kirby “aye”. Motion passed unanimously. 11:46 a.m., Commissioner Kirby moved to go out of executive session. Commissioner Pinkerton second. Motion passed unanimously.


There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 12:00 p.m.




                                                            DAN R. DINNING, Chairman







By: Michelle Rohrwasser, Deputy

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