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Samaritans keep family warm

January 10, 2013
While no culprits have been identified in an alleged theft of a family's supply of firewood, their future is once again warm thanks to several Good Samaritans who stepped up and replenished the woodpile.

News Bonners Ferry learned of the incident Monday morning, when Misty Reader, who lives on Highway 95 south of Naples with her three children and disabled mother, wrote about the theft of a month's supply of firewood, and worried how she'd be able to keep the family warm through next payday in early February.

We published an article that morning, and it wasn't long before help arrived.

"The first person who brought me wood was Dave Winfield," Misty said. "He got a call from his wife who was at work and saw your article on newsbf. She called her husband and told him to read the article and she told him she thought they should donate a truckload to us 'cause she didn't want my mom or my kids to be cold."

Then she received a call yesterday from old family friend Ed Stephens, asking her for directions to her home so he could deliver a cord of wood that had been purchased for the family. He pulled in with a load of firewood a short time later.

"When Ed got here he told me the gentleman's name was Jack Flinn, and that he read your article and wanted to pay Ed for a cord of firewood and wanted it delivered to my house," she said. "I'm just shocked and amazed that people I don't even know would care so much!"

Misty said her mother cried when the firewood was delivered and stacked, and that their faith in people and in the community has been renewed.

"I'm happy that this has had such a good ending," Misty said, "and I pray all the publicity about this will stop the thieves from doing this again. Everyone who helped my family are true angels and we are very blessed to have them want to help. The caring and compassion is awesome."
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